Brother CS60000i Review

The Brother CS6000i is an all in one multipurpose machine, offering great value for money. Loaded with numerous functions, this machine is equally amazing for users of all skill levels. Its light weight makes it portable and has great convenience to offer with its noiseless performance, extra arm space and LED lighting in the workstation.

Here is a concise review of everything you will and won’t find in this machine.

1. Value for Money

Given its low price, it is often perceived to be a cheap quality machine, which definitely isn’t the case here. Not only does it provide exceptional value for the money, it is durable and long lasting enough to last a few years, even a decade, provided you use it rightly by consulting the manual.

2. Perfect for Beginners

If you’re one of those newbies, slowly learning their way into sewing clothes and quilts, then the Brother CS6000i is ideal for you. Beginners often face trouble with threading the machine, which is you need one with an automatic needle threader. Simply thread the needle of the machine by pressing the lever. If you’re unable to understand the mechanics, the numbered diagram helps you thread your machine with ease. Similarly, the bobbin winding is also made easy with the jam resistant top drop in bobbin and a diagram to assist you in setting up the machine in the right order. You can also see the thread approaching its end so you know when to replace it, instead of being surprised every time it happens.

Since we live in the digital age, it is always good to have a machine that operates digitally too. The LCD display screen allows you to select your stitch conveniently and displays it on the screen once you’ve chosen it. Since beginners are not great with sewing cuffs and sleeves owing to the higher difficulty level, this machine comes with a built in free arm to assist with stitching small items.

With convenience at heart, the machine starts and stops stitching with the start/stop button. You also control the stitching speed depending on your skill level. While the machine can go up to as fast as 850 stitches per minute, it can be slowed down according to your preference. Whether you’re buying one for you grandma or your granddaughter, the machine works equally well for all age groups.

3. Great For Quilting

The ease of access this machine provides for quilting is simply unmatchable, for such a reasonable price. Not only does it have an oversized table to sew with ease, but comes with nine different accessory feet to give the finest results. Multiple layers of cloth can now be fed with the walking foot while the quilting foot helps place the stitches accurately. The sewing table is also brightly lit to help stitch even rows on your quilts. Experiment all you want with various types of cloth and design your own quilt covers.

4. Offers Versatility to Designs

If you’ve simply bought a machine to put your inner fashion designer to work, the Brother CS6000i is only going to help you achieve your short and long term goals quickly. The machine comes with 60 built in stitches for you to select from! That’s right, 60. This comprises of 20 decorative stitches for sewing cushions or pillow covers, 20 stitches for garments, 7 quilting stitches for your quilt covers, 6 heirloom stitches for sewing edges and 7 one step buttonhole styles. This offers you a wide variety of designs to play around with and makes your learning period a lot more fun than it would otherwise be.

This machine is also great with multiple types of fabrics including, silk, satin, cotton and even fleece, provided you use the right needles. That means you’re good to go with whatever you’re planning on sewing. whether its a silk scarf, a thick quilt cover for your bed or simply a cushion for the sofa, this is your go to sewing machine for all purposes. The machine also has an auto off that stops when it detects a chance of breaking due to the pressure. This prevents both, your time and the needles from being wasted.

5. Ease of Use

The machine is very lightweight compared to other alternatives available and can be carried to sewing classes as well. If you’re tired of keeping your feet down to work with the presser feet, the machine can also be operated with the touch of a button, replacing the need of presser feet for starting and stopping the stitching. You don’t have to worry about the noise as the machine works very quietly making it perfect for a night hobby.

The machine allows for storing accessories and small items you need in the storage compartment on its arm. However, we wish there was more room for storage, considering the uncountable number of items you need on hand while sewing.

What’s NOT Good

While a lot of users are pleased with its performance, many have to struggle with the tension of the machine. While it depends on where you set it on the dial and what kind of thread you have been using, the problem persists for some. The machine requires frequent cleaning and proper oiling which can be difficult for beginners to take care of. Similarly, its numerous functions and buttons can get overwhelming for some, but then again, its only a pro once you get a basic understanding of its operation.

  • April 30, 2018
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