Brother XM1010 Review

Sewing is probably one of the most underrated but very useful skills. People nowadays are, however, coming back to this forgotten self-help skill and for that, they require a user-friendly, beginners sewing machine. Now, A sewing machine for basic level sewing, that is easy to use and is affordable is quite a catch. Thus, for all beginners and fair experts in sewing, the Brother XM1010 is a good choice for a decent price. To further help you make your choice, here is a review of this basic sewing machine:

No Complicated Assembly Required

This is a pretty great pro for this machine as it comes in a ready to use form. There are no extra gears or mechanisms that need to be assembled or set up. This especially offers beginners a lot of help and proves to be useful in the learning experience. However, The cord that attaches the foot pedal to the machine is quite short which may cause inconvenience while placing the machine on the table. This is one dimension where the brother XM1010 lacks in accessibility a little

10 In-built stitches

The machine features 10 in-built or pre-programmed stitch patterns. This is not a very huge collection and thus will not impress a professional seamstress or someone who is quite an expert in sewing. However, it does provide a basic level of choices in terms of stitch designs for a beginner. The offered stitch patterns range from decorative stitches to stretch designs, blind hems and buttonhole stitches. the selection of said patterns is very easy as well, a stitch pattern can be selected simply by turning a knob that’s facing the user. One more downside to be aware of is that stitching on thick fabrics like denim is not suitable with this machine.


The one feature that really has no downside is this machines easy portability. The sewing machine is very light weight, weighing in at just below 13 pounds and is quite small in size. Furthermore, it even comes with its own case that allows it to be transported easily and does not come with a wide range of components. Now, you might be wondering that such a light-weight and portable machine must have the downside of not being very stable and thus being guilty of producing some shaky patterns. Luckily, that is not the case with this beauty. Its strong internal core absorbs vibrations well enough to produce neat stitch patterns.

4 Presser feet

The machine also comes with 4 forms of presser feet that provide an appropriate amount of variation while stitching different kinds of patterns along with different forms of cloth. The included feet are zipper, buttonhole, button fitting and zigzag.

4-step auto-size buttonhole

This feature of the machine is somewhat dependent on what the user is used to. This feature allows for the creation of a buttonhole in a cloth in a 4 step process. However, some other models do allow a 1 step auto-size buttonhole formation that makes a buttonhole in only one step. But as i stated earlier, it all comes down to the user and what they are comfortable with. so, this can be a pro or con, depending on your requirements.


Whether you are a very clumsy adult or just a normal restless kid, this sewing machines amazing warranty will put you at ease regarding any issues arising with it. This machine offers a great warranty of twenty-five years. Yes, you did read that right. while most other models offer a maximum of three to five years, the brother XM1010 went all in with this twenty five year long warranty. So, you can be a little less careful around this machine and if anything happens, just take it up on its warranty.

Top drop-in Bobbin System

This is another key feature that determines the efficacy of any sewing machine. The brother XM1010 uses a top drop in bobbin system that is also jam resistant. This allows for smooth and easy sewing. Another concern while evaluating the bobbin of any sewing machine is the rewinding of the bobbin thread which in this case is automatic and thus is quite ideal for quick and easy rewinding.

LED Lighting

This sewing machine comes with a good system of in-built lighting that make it easier to sew. this feature is especially helpful for individuals who have some slight difficulties with vision or who often have to work in conditions with low lighting.

Adjustable Thread tension

The machine comes with an upper adjustable thread tension control dial that allows the sewer to manually control the tension in the thread so as to prevent any puckering. Now, there are other models that do come with a feature that automatically controls and adjusts the tension in the thread but the dial for adjusting thread tension is so conveniently placed that manual adjustment doesn’t seem like a downside.

Thus, the Brother XM1010, is a very sound choice for beginners of all ages as it comes with easy to use features, a great warranty and a good affordable price.

  • Updated April 24, 2018
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